“From the  age of sixteen I have tried numerous diets, and failed miserably  at all of them. I was aware I had a weight problem, I was 82 kilos and a  size 16, and unhappy.
I was accustomed like so many of us, to eating the  wrong foods. Eating far too many takeaways, it was easy comfort food, but laden with fats and calories, and no real nutrients. I was also eating between meals, snacking on chocolate and crisps, not considering for one minute the  consequences, which meant a much higher calorie intake than recommended, and the  weight kept piling on.
The diets I tried didn’t feel inspiring, and I  never managed to lose any real weight, and would soon give up and start my bad  eating habits again.
Then one day I was speaking with a friend, and she told  me about a holistic therapist, Isabelle Muscat, and her healthy weight loss plan.
So I  started on this, following her advice on losing weight, eating a balanced,  healthy diet. Within a short time I realized I was feeling lighter and much  healthier. It wasn’t a chore like most diets, I was enjoying it and the results  I was seeing and feeling, the weight was dropping off.
I started  walking, combined with my new eating regime, this gave me a new  lease of life, and the more weight I lost, the more confident I became, and I  could feel my goal of reaching 65 kilos, could actually become a reality. I even  joined a gym, something previously I hadn’t had the motivation to do.
When  the scales showed I had reached my 65 kilos target, I was so, so happy and  proud that I had done it, finally after all these years of failing I had  the body I wanted.
I was amazed at my image, when I looked at new photos  I was thrilled at my appearance, I was a new person, and it felt wonderful. I could wear the little black dress that had been hanging  rejected in my wardrobe and feel a million dollars.
At this moment, I have a established a weight of 58 kilos, even more than I could ever have  imagined. I have curves where they should be, and I walk with a confidence I  have never had before. I have realized for years I was being weighed down both  physically and mentally, not only with the extra kilos, but with the heavy,  fatty foods that made me feel sluggish and tired.
Now thanks to Isabelle  Muscat and her fabulous weight loss plan,  I am light and free to enjoy my  life and clothes, something previously I had thought impossible.” Claire Barbara


“I have never experienced Reiki or any other holistic treatment beforehand since I was very skeptical, until I met Isabelle & found it very easy to give it a try. Apart from her professionalism and personalised consultation, Isabelle makes sure to let you see that positive aspect in the current situation, a blessing worth experienced” Oriana Farrugia


“I was recommended to visit a holistic therapist. At that time I was miserable, but with your help and varied treatments I am what I am today. I kept coming nearly every month for the past three years, always there to give me space to talk and really listen, then coming out with the right answers to teach me how to see things from a different angle, to see what’s right from wrong and to think positively. You are a very professional person to heal others’ wounds and I must admit that you made a big difference in my life. Once people experience this type of therapy they will never look back. It’s a blessing for a person to meet someone like you. I want to thank you so much for being there for me” Shirley Xuereb


“Today I had the opportunity to experience Isabelle’s massage. I believe in chemistry in whatever you do in life.. a certain force that allows you to be in touch with the other person. This happened to me with Isabelle. The massage was enjoyable and healing. I thank you and look forward for the next one! Thanks Melita James Ordway

“Had the Hopi Ear Candle treatment from Isabelle this week – absolutely fantastic.” Anne Shepherd

“Enjoyed the first treatment so much went back and had the Reiki massage – one hour and fifteen minutes later I slid off the bed every muscle relaxed. Highly recommended – I have told all my friends – so booked another one for next month.” Anne Shepherd

“I have been struggling with severe anxiety disorder for the past two years. It is a scary and lonely disorder. I tried everything to heal myself. I was desperate to get better. I suppose everything helped in a way but Reiki was what healed me. It is the only therapy I still do. Through Isabelle I have learnt a lot on how to cope with my anxiety using Reiki and other holistic approaches. Its an experience I can’t explain. It balances my fears and gives me peace. It helped me get rid of negativity and focus to change myself positively. Isabelle with her knowledge, patience and love is guiding me through this journey in an enlightening way. Much love and light xxxx” – Daniela Borg

“I always had weight problems and always wanted to be at least a normal size. Weight didn’t help at all my inferiority complex, as I always felt less than the others around me. After having my son I went from size 16 to a size 18-20. I wasn’t happy with myself and even buying clothes was a problem due to being oversize.

When I went for a body massage at Isabelle, I started talking about my weight to her and how it was affecting my life. Immediately after she prepared me a healthy weekly plan to start on, which was very easy to follow and keep up with. She taught me as well how to combine foods, and at what time I can eat certain foods. I never thought it was easy to eat healthy and with this plan I was eating more than I used to and feeling hungry or starving myself were things of the past.  Having Isabelle following my food intake weekly, gave us the results we wanted cause from 92.6Kgs my weight went down to 71.5kgs, from a size 18-20 to a size 12-14, in only 9 months!

Thanks to my friend Isabelle, now I’m a healthy 38 year old, a new me, healthier and lighter and feeling so good even in a casual dress. I’m really happy I’ve come this far and will continue so until I reach the target of 65kgs. Isabelle taught me as well that all one has to remember is that it’s not a diet but a healthy eating lifestyle which becomes part of you in your everyday life and if today you’ve been a little naughty tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start again. You don’t look back you always look infront of you.

Thanks my friend for believing in me and giving me all the courage I needed throughout this journey, without you I wouldn’t have made it.” – Fiona Bezzina