End of 2020….Reflections!

We all agree that 2020 was a particular year as everyone was effected emotionally in a way or another at some point during the past months.

Now that the year comes to an end just like every year we think about our hopes, dreams and we set our goals for 2021.

Below please find my wish for you for the coming year:-

  • Make the time for YOU! It is important for your well being just like taking a daily shower!
  • Adjust the wind of sails, turn the sails if you are not happy with your current scenario.
  • Find support, so many beautiful people are ready to assist you in a professional way.
  • Be authentic in your beliefs, do not let anyone change you without your permission.
  • Find your child within.
  • Never loose focus on your GOALS.
  • Make time to find the PEACE within, meditate, pray, practice Yoga & take care of your SOUL!

Finally I would like to share my gratitude to all my followers, clients, family and special friends who are always connected with my passion to health and wellness.

Deepest gratitude to the ones who remained by my side all the way especially my soulmate, Krist, who is always ready to support my passion and my little munchkin who has thought me so much the past four and a half years.

And to you all reading this message I send you much love and healing light for the coming year. Peace be with you all……….Shantih 🙏

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