Yoga Classes as from next week!

Many of you are aware that every journey leads us to a place of self discovery. When I look back throughout the last 15 years I see pain, hurt, disappointment, a roller coaster of emotions all the way!

I feel grateful daily for my holistic journey by studying complementary therapies as I must say that when I look towards the past years I can see life from a different perspective. Having started my journey in 2007 by starting studying the non-medical nutrition have broadened my relationships, helping me to rekindle and discover my passion, that of being of service to anyone willing to cross my path with any of my therapeutic services.

Thirteen years down the line I must say that nothing has changed, except my knowledge which kept evolving during the individual therapeutic treatments making my existing worth living.

The more I was learning on the beauty of complementary therapies, my soul was feeling a special connection for mindfulness programmes, which inspite of the challenges, especially during this pandemic, the same mindfulness programme helped me achieve my Yoga Teacher qualification, to be able to support anyone willing to experience this healing art.

Having a three year old son at that time, plus during the pandemic was not an easy path but as I always inspired others during my radio/tv programmes, I remind everyone NEVER TO GIVE UP as nothing is impossible when you truly believe!

Finally I must say that after a bumpy road, loads of practice and support from my closest families, friends and loyal clients, I shall start giving this service to anyone wishing to find the peace within.

Being a great believer of the mind-body & spirit, one can understand why YOGA! Because traditional Yoga combines through the asanas (yoga poses) a special meditation connection to the inner self.

Am pleased to have managed to find the combination of such practice to anyone willing to find the inner peace in a one hour class, designed for beginners to first relax the mind & body, connect within through the traditional Yoga poses and finally concluding with a unique meditation experience to complete the practice.

I will be honoured to have you in my class, subject that you come to the class prepared for an inner connection (the outer body will surely benefit from the sessions too!)

All that is needed is a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and an open heart ready to learn! We will start a 1 hour session next Monday 24th August at 19:00 at Euphoria Hall in Zejtun, followed by Thursday at the same time, continuously every week, unless otherwise advised.

Please feel free to send privately any queries you might have whilst I look forward to welcome any of you next week. Due to the current restrictions and limitations I shall only accept bookings by private messages as a minimum / maximum number of participants shall apply.



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