Does Meditation truly help?

At this difficult time with the current scenario of Covid-19 I am more concerned of the repercussions this pandemic is bringing than actually the virus itself.

Personal Experience

During the past 10 years of studying and practicing energy healing I have encountered different characters in my life, each having their own emotional baggage. Few suffered from anxiety while others from stress or depression. Let’s be true to ourselves, I believe each one of us at some point in our lives has been through hard times, I must admit that I learnt this the hard way! But today after all the knowledge gathered and my experiences, am eternally grateful, as thanks to them I am the person I am today.

In 2010 I felt my life falling apart, breaking the chord with the person whom I have known since the age of 17 was not an easy task especially since I was still attached to the relationship at that time, but deep within my soul I felt that it was time to let go! Was it easy……..definitely NO! With this change, as expected I was faced with several emotional curves, but with lots of meditation practice, followed by a 15 days experience spent in Bali practicing daily meditation at the Centre Paramadhama -Meditasi Angka way back in 2011 (a grateful thanks to my loving sister who made it happen) I came back to Malta another person!

To conclude when I was broken and lost it was thanks to meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) & simple Yoga practice that I managed to find myself. A lovely connection that I will treasure for life and as time passes with all the challenges we go through the more I believe that being at peace with our inner self has to be our daily mantra!

Why meditation?

There are several benefits which I will point out in an easy way:-

It is for everyone: Irrespective of your beliefs, you can meditate, all that is needed are your good intentions!

Be happier: It is a proven fact that people who meditate daily are happier and calmer. One may ask, how can one be happy knowing what is going on around the globe? Because once we still our mind, the power of Faith will overcome Fear, knowing that this too shall pass.

Start enjoying the moment: With daily practice (even 10 minutes a day) you will start noticing that you are more connected to the moment, focusing on TODAY.

Manage anxiety, stress or depression: The power of meditation should not be underestimated. It is surely safe and can be combined with any medical treatment. However I suggest you first start with simple techniques, such as breathing slowly and frequently combined with calming music and only a 10 minutes practice.

Helps with insomnia: At stressful times it is very common that one suffers from sleepless nights. That is why relaxing the mind will help you sleep, few also manage to sleep during meditation!

Focus: Apart from your well-being meditation helps you sharpen your concentration and you start taking steady decisions.

At this stressful time all we can do is remain at home (unless we are obliged to go out) and still our mind. For those who wish to follow a guided meditation I will be online on Zoom twice a week on Wednesday at 19:00 and Saturday at 15:00. Anyone is welcome to join, the best way is to either follow my page or private group Charis Health & Holistic Wellness for the link which is changed with every session.

Finally I would like to give a special thanks to my soulmate Krist who is always supportive towards my passion. And a heartfelt thanks to you all for your connection during this meditation time and beyond.

“Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead

Blessings and Peace to ALL

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