Online Free Meditation Service

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful souls who experienced my meditation session last Saturday 28th March, my first online interactive experience for which am grateful. To all of you who did not manage to connect due to various reasons, one of which was my lack of technical experience, apologies dear ones, please bear with me until I grab this new digital concept!

I wish to thank my close friends who were really supportive throughout this new technological experience and I promise to continue to be here for all of you who believe in the importance of calming the mind so that we find our balance once again!

My time has always been limited especially the past years. Since our little one was born, my life turned upside down in various ways. I remain grateful for this transformation and treasure every experience throughout. Every time I felt the need I always went to basics, that of holistic healing. There were times were I needed to expand my knowledge and the more I read and learnt, the more I felt the connection, inner peace amidst chaos and my inner voice felt clearer! One of the reasons lately was that my inner voice became stronger and it was very clear, to be with you throughout these difficult times.

So let us focus on this moment in time. I believe that this is a time of reflection, the time to find our roots / grounding and surely a time for transformation. Am sure that every person will be transformed in one way or another. Transformation is not an easy path, but the results are impressive, only IF we are ready for the CHANGE.

Meditation helps anyone who opens their heart to it, to let go of what holds us back and keeps us calm during stressful times. What better time there is than this moment to find your inner peace?

Since I cannot be with you physically I also had to take the leap of faith, and step out of my comfort zone and be of service to you virtually. For the ones who know me well you are aware that I prefer the interactive online service, that is why I choose Zoom App so far.

I will be connecting with you every Wednesday at 19:00 and Saturday at 15:00. Still have to figure out the link process but if you will be online on my group or page I will surely give you the link directly to connect around that time.

Once again thank you all for your lovely feedback and looking forward for this weekly online service until further notice. May you all be Blessed 🙏

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