During these critical times few are ready to discover themselves in times of crisis!

Why I am saying Few? Because from what I am gathering in my limited time I have noticed that only a number of people care for humanity!

I respect the fact that people find the time to nurture their well-being however during these times of crisis people must be opened to understand that the well-being of others is important as much as that of themselves right now!!! So please to the ones who CAN DO IT or is OBLIGED TO DO IT just simply STAY INSIDE!!!!

You have every right to disagree to my plea nonetheless I cannot remain silent and let it be!

So many beautiful souls currently have no option than that of serving our country, such as our Political parties (All parties Involved Please!), our medical professionals, all the healthcare professionals (so many to name), pharmaceuticals companies, the police officers, the civil protection officials, the armed forces of Malta officials, the Malta public transport, the Gozo Channel, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector (FMCG), the Waste Collectors, all the counselors, therapists and the like. Some have adapted to online support, there are also those people who are ready to support at no cost just for your optimum mental well-being!!! And please do not forget journalism that are keeping you updated daily inspite of the risks!!

I feel that many are not being recognised the way they should be, am sure there are more persons assisting behind the scenes right now such as the volunteers and many others ready to assist humanity with their talents. So please just be grateful that you are living in a small island where our healthcare provider is simply one of a kind. Health officials and workers, police officers, civil protection officials, armed forces of malta officials and all the Volunteers involved……THANK YOU! And THANK YOU to All the people concerned for the Maltese Well-Being inspite of having their OWN familiars just like YOU!!! And Please RELAX as the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector is READY…….EVERYONE WILL NOT DIE OF STARVATION!!!!!

Do not let FEAR overcome the power of FAITH! Let us all unite as a country, let us help all the people who have no choice. And remember there are companies that are concerned to keep your job stable, so do respect any Management decision even though right now you have every right not to agree with!

Some of you were given a Choice to remain inside (the LEAST you can DO is Simply STAY INSIDE) but for many others they have no option. So Please I conclude with a simple word…….RESPECT!!!!

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