Simple Tips to Aid Anxiety

Am sure that each one of us is struggling in a way or another with the current world scenario.

This article is not meant to go into theories as am sure you can find many right now, but my heart is with all of you going through hard moments during this difficult time.

I have come up with 10 simple steps which if followed daily will aid the tension that is currently surrounding you:-

1.Acknowledge your Feelings

First of all simply repeat to yourself “It is Okay to Feel this way”. Many blame themselves but as human beings we must accept the fact that we go through different emotions and so Yes it is very Normal we feel sad, depressed or anxious when we are facing this current crisis.

2. Breathe

Many underestimate Pranayama (Breathing) which is the source of our existence. Simply breathe slowly, inhaling from your nose and exhale. There are different varieties for this practice but even with simple slow breathing the body starts feeling calmer while noticing changes with your stress levels. With daily practice you will surely receive the benefits of this simple healing art.

3. Meditate

My dear ones know very well how much I believe in the power of meditation. Do not think that you require a 1 hour daily practice to feel the benefits. You can follow the above tip, starting with taking few deep breathes and a 10 minute practice. You can also listen to calming music, visualise yourself somewhere in nature and let go for just 10 minutes.

4. Fresh Air

Being constrained at home does not mean you cannot take fresh air. Every building must have a form of ventilation system, such as windows, balcony, yard or roof. Just look at the sky and follow Tip No 2.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Am sure I do not need to go into much details as there are plenty of reasons why this is vital for our body. Water, hot water (not boiling) with lemon and herbal teas remain the best.

6. Limit social media

In this era where social media has become the greatest source of information, marketing and followers I must say that at times like this it can lead to more harm than the actual benefit of just to be connected! So at this time, when most probably you are feeling that your level of anxiety is escalating, make an effort to disconnect as much as possible from social media.

7. Keep yourself active

Many of you have already been asked to remain inside until further notice. This is a reflection period, an opportunity to find yourself. We are blessed with technology with many ways to keep us active, we simply have to choose wisely! Find time to exercise at home, practice Yoga, paint or draw a mandala book, organise yourself, read motivational articles or books, do some pottering or learn something NEW!

8. Find the child within

I have learnt this healing art when I started my beautiful journey into complementary therapies. Every day we take life too seriously as if we shall remain on this earth for eternity. But at moments like this Fear takes over. So think of one child or think about when you was a kid. Their smile, innocence and the way they share happiness thought me that kids have a way of protecting their beautiful energy!

9. Take care of your soul

This is a subject that goes according to our belief system, culture and upbringing however I feel that many are aware of the importance of a healthy soul. We speak a lot about the importance of a healthy body (which is absolutely correct!) but few underestimate the importance of a healthy soul. To keep a healthy soul you have to start by being non judgemental, living your life with no need of other people acceptance. Love and help people, animals, and our earth in general. And last but not least pray, meditate, sing or play music for your soul. Each one of us in unique, just go with your flow! You have to listen to your inner voice when your mind is at peace 🙂

10. Everyday just be grateful

Wake up and just say THANK YOU, it is another day! If you do not like anything in your life just remind yourself that everyday is another opportunity to make things right! At times like this I remind myself my blessings which are many. Is my life perfect for surely Not! But I love to practice often the 90/10 principle. 10% of life is made up of what happens to us, the remaining 90% is how we react.

Trust the above tips will bring you some comfort. Make time to repeat them daily, as only with daily practice and perseverance you will notice changes with the way you think (mind), breathing, yoga and exercise will keep your immunity healthy (body) and meditation/prayers will keep your soul at peace (spirit). Peace, love and light to you All.

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