A Fresh Start!

Like every year we start the few days of a New Year with hope to have better days. Most of us have probably written a yearly resolution or made a New Goal at the beginning of the year.  But are we truly ready for the change? Do we have the inner fire burning to achieve the results we dream of? Are we ready to step out of the comfort zone to make it happen?

Many of us focus on changing the outer self but the secret to achieve great results always lies from within. We must first be ready mentally and emotionally, being at peace with ourselves and automatically everything will flow freely and effortlessly.

How many times have we tried to lose weight with little success? Have you ever thought that we must first change the way we look towards food and be mentally prepared before we start a new diet plan.  To start a healthy lifestyle we must first be ready consciously and emotionally too!

Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Victimizing ourselves will not solve anything.  Unless we wake up and change our thoughts we will create more negativity and everything will remain as is.

Life will always give us new challenges to face, but with the fears each challenge brings comes an opportunity to spread our wings & rise!

2018 was a year of change for myself.  I finally stepped out of the comfort zone to be of service to You further.  I wish to thank my partner, my family & my soul friends who were instrumental for this decision.

Finally I look forward to whatever this year will bring & can’t wait to be of service to anyone encountering my path further.

Blessings to everyone reading this post.


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