It’s a “NEW” Year!

It’s a “NEW” year and as in every year we remind ourselves the accomplishments we had the previous year whilst we dream of NEW things we wish to achieve in this new year. Does this sounds familiar?

Every person has a dream, either to lose weight and have a great body, or maybe be more at peace & happier, be successful or have more money, maybe a relationship, new friends and any other imaginable dream! I always ask myself does it has to really be a new year so that we try to make them happen!!

Surely not! Everyday is an opportunity to be the person you want to be!  It all has to start by a decision……that is YOU!

During the past days I have been reminded that everyone has a different opinion about life and its all ok! Also I learnt some time ago that we can never change anyone unless that person wishes to change himself/herself in the first place!  People have different opinions and irrespective of what anyone think, only YOU know deep within what’s best for you! So are you READY to take the first step to make it happen?

Am grateful for everyone I have met so far who have accepted the challenge to change & made it happen, so proud of you all too. I also look forward for another year, ready to support those willing to accept the change 🙂

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by CHANGE”



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