Are you in doubt about complementary therapies?

This week it has been one of the most grateful weeks I experienced lately & very positive that more is yet to come!

One of my clients whom I met recently thanks to my new journey at the Beauty Spot in M’scala lost a total of 11.4 kgs since mid-March’14, inspite of her busy lifestyle!  All the success stories give me so much happiness that I just can’t describe it all in writing!!  Positive that through her new lifestyle she will keep all the lessons learnt during our brainstorming sessions & will keep it going through her life too.

The above was just a tip.  Discovering the beauty of a healthier lifestyle through proper eating and most of all changing the way we think of food is the start of it all!!

Being a holistic therapist it helped me to discover and go beyond the healthy lifestyle.  When a person looks at my plan they can say it’s very easy to follow but one must go beyond a healthy plan… everything is linked with an emotion!

Sometimes we have to solve an emotion before we start a new lifestyle! Nonetheless most of the time experience showed me that we take our emotions for granted!

After receiving another beautiful testimonial today, I was inspired to write this post. We underestimate the healing treatment of massaging, but when it’s done holistically, taking into consideration the mind, body & spirit, a person, after a massage treatment feels so much at peace that their face just radiates happiness and light!

During my practice I have seen lovely people changing with complementary therapies, people who have decided to make a change and today I can say they are brand new people! I would like to conclude by thanking all of you all who have decided to experience one of my therapies and thank you so much for your feedback and support.  Most of all am grateful for your happiness and peacefulness as it’s all that matters!

If you want to discover more on complementary therapies I will be giving a free talk next Thursday 3rd July, more details as follows, but only few places left!

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