Understanding human energy

I have always been interested in human energies.  Throughout my complimentary therapies practice I have increased my knowledge on these beautiful energies, mainly called “chakras”.

Everything is energy, understanding that you are an energetic being is the first step you can take in your journey toward optimal health and fitness.  Our energy is changing all the time either by a circumstance or by another human being (energy).

Sometimes in our daily routine we happen to meet people with low vibrations who affect our energetic field.  Once our energies are vibrant and flowing, communicating on their own with the universal energy fields, directly determines your degree of health or lack of it.

Since everything is energy, what we eat, who we come into contact with and everything that surrounds us affects us in some way or another energetically.  Even events or places that we participate have their own energy, they can either make us feel good or “strange”.

How can we understand energy, below are simple examples:-

– Maybe someone made you feel tense or drained!

– Maybe a place you went to recently was amazing however something made you feel “strange”!

– On a positive note, a person can also make you feel good or else you can like his/her energy.

All of the above will help you understand how our human body works. If your chakras are unbalanced there are alternative ways to balance. Reiki healing, meditation practice, yoga, breathing exercising, positive thinking, physical exercise and aromatherapy are some examples on assisting our body to be back on balance once again.


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