Dietary Supplements

We are all aware that a varied diet should provide us with the vitamins and minerals we need.  However the food which was supplied to us many years ago is not the same!

Evidence continue to grow that our body needs the right supplementation to improve our health and possibly even prevent disease. Supplements may be in the form of capsules, tablets, liquids or powders. Even tough they may look like medicine, they are classified under the category of food.

Why do we need supplementation?

– Insufficient nutrients in foods: We can’t get all the nutrients we need from the food alone, especially when most of today’s food is genetically modified and highly processed!

– Environment toxins: Different chemicals are being released into the air daily!

– Poor digestion: As we said above the food we are eating is playing a big part in our lives and our digestive system too! If our digestive system functioned optimally, we wouldn’t need as many high quality nutrients in supplement form.

– Hormone imbalances: A decrease in testosterone makes it difficult for men to gain muscle mass whilst excess of estrogen makes it difficult for both men and women to lose fat.

– Quality of life: There are many nutrients that can improve our quality of life. A general multivitamin may provide some “insurance” against specific nutrients.

– Weight loss control: When people cut calories to lose weight, they also reduce the amount of nutrients. Using a protein supplement will enable the dieter to spare muscle loss and also stabilize glucose.  Appetite suppressants may aid in faster weight loss along with a healthy lifestyle.

Also, if you’re still working through some bad habits (such as alcohol, smoking, skipped meals and unhealthy eating), you need them even more! By taking quality, whole food-based natural supplements you will be helping your body to  maintain a better level of health.


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