Alternative Remedies for stress relief

In today’s modern society we live in a world overrun by stress.  Our busy lifestyle is one of the main reasons for having a stressful life, followed by many other factors such as difficult relationships, financial problems, unsatisfying job and so on.

The first step to dealing with stress is to identify the cause and take control of the situation.  Remaining passive will neither solve the situation nor will get us better.  During stressful times we tend to ignore our health and make “unhealthy choices”.  Too much alcohol, smoking, caffeine and unhealthy food options will make things worse.

There are many natural remedies for stress relief, some work right away while others will lessen stress over time.  We will now look on a few alternative ways to reduce stress:-

– Drink herbal teas: There are different herbal teas to choose from. The most commonly herbal tea known to reduce stress is chamomile but nowadays we are blessed with so many!

– Breathing: Our body is designed to remove part of our toxins through breathing thus it’s important that we inhale good air and exhale the bad! Through breathing we relieve those uneasy feelings from our body.

– Meditation: The strong effects in reducing negative personality and stress are being acknowledged by many. A recent research found that meditation affects people in important ways!

– Yoga: It is a discipline therapy combining the mental and physical with controlled breathing and precise poses.  If you are new to this practice I suggest you start with a yoga class for beginners, you will be impressed how quickly your stability will improve.

– Massage therapies: Taking care of ourselves should be our top priority.  By adding therapeutic massage to your routine not only you control your stress level but your whole body will benefit from this ancient therapy!

– Energy healing therapies: An alternative way to achieve emotional harmony and physical health. Since energy therapies address the psychological as well as the physical aspects of a person, by enabling positive changes one can achieve more than just symptom control.

If we maintain a healthy and harmonious energy system, physical and emotional well-being are achieved. However when we are out of balance, we experience stress.



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